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Breeding Farm News: Lottie Da Grows Up

Posted by Trish Mrakawa on Sun, Feb 01, 2015 @ 08:42 PM


How fortunate am I that I get to work with our own home bred horses from the breeding farm Two Willows Equine located in Red Deer, Alberta. Janine Olson is the head breeding and reproduction expert (aka mid wife) while I wait anxiously for the birth announcements and accompanying photos. Lottie was born at Two Willows Equine on April 27,2008. Her sire is CADLANVALLEY CARDINAL who is owned by Ulterra Pony Farm. Her mother is my own paint mare MATTEA, that I bought as a lesson horse from Lindsey Smith.Born April 27th 12:45The wet head.















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Lottie-Da began her show career at local events in Alberta. We wish her luck on her debute in international show jumping competition at HITS Thermal in California in a few weeks. Good Luck to her owner/rider Alyssa Graham.


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Trish's Willow Grove New Years Musings

Posted by Trish Mrakawa on Wed, Dec 31, 2014 @ 07:34 PM

As the journey of a year is coming to a close remember to cherish all of the moments including the ups and the downs. The times where you felt exhilarated and you were sure you were on track. The other days where you felt lost. Cherish the places you've visited and the people you've seen. Say good-bye to those whose journeys have called them someplace else. Honour the lessons you have learned and the people who have helped you learn them. Trust all the places you've been. Look back for a moment. Reflect in peace. Then let the year draw to a close. Tomorrow a new adventure will begin.

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If horses were software.....A letter to tech support

Posted by Trish Mrakawa on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 07:20 AM


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Dear Tech Support,

Recently I purchased and installed Horse 1.0. I soon noticed that this program appears to have numerous glitches. For instance, every time my computer boots up, I have to run Feed 5.3 and Water 7.1. Many times I've been in the middle of writing an important document, and a window will flash telling me to run Clean Stall 2.0. This program also contained applications I did not wish to install, such as Manure 8.5, however they auto-installed with Horse 1.0. Applications such as Vacation 2.7 and Free Time 10.1 can no longer run, crashing whenever selected. Possibly the worst is that Horse 1.0 has attached itself to programs like Finance Manager and MS Money, with folders added such as "Monthly Shoeing" and "Winter Blanket". Periodically, I'll get a reminder telling me to send a check to the manufacturer of Horse 1.0 for the aforementioned items. I have tried to uninstall Horse 1.0 numerous times, but when I try to run the uninstall program, I get warning messages telling me that a deadly virus known as "Withdrawal" will infect my system. Please Help!!!!!


Dear User,

Your complaint is not unusual. A common misconception among users is that Horse 1.0 is a mere "utilities and entertainment program." It is not - it is an OPERATING SYSTEM and is designed by its' creator to run everything! A warning will soon be imprinted on the box. Since you have already installed Horse 1.0, here are a few tips on how to make it run better. If you are annoyed by the applications Feed 5.3 and Water 7.1, you may run C: \HIRE HELP, however this will cause another folder to be added to financial applications, labeled "Staff". Failure to send payment to "Staff" will result in Feed 5.3 and Water 7.1 being run again on startup. A note of caution: NOT booting up your computer for several days isn't the solution to avoiding Feed 5.3 and Water 7.1. You will find that, when you boot up your computer again, a nasty virus called "Colic 4.2" will have attached itself to important documents and the only way to rid your computer of Colic 4.2 is by purchasing and installing "Vet 10.1", which we admit is extremely expensive, but crucial. Otherwise, Colic 4.2 will cause irreversible damage to the operating system. Finally, it is important that you run C:\Carrots and C:\Scratch Ears on a fairly regular basis to keep the application running smoothly. If you have any more questions, please call our toll free number.

Sincerely, Tech Support

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Horse Show travels with Willow Grove

Posted by Trish Mrakawa on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 @ 01:27 PM

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The blogger is back. As I was having a stroll through my previous blog posts I came across this tale from our past horse shows in the sunny south of Tucson Arizona. It is not all about showjumping. This boy was hilarious.

Enjoy Kansas Boy Revisited:

They say you should laugh everyday to stay healthy and happy. Well we met a young man (5 years of age) from Kansas that had us laughing so much it will last for the rest of our horse show tour. Here is just a little of the conversation. (Please add your own 'Kansas'accent).

"I won these here toy cars - you know from the Pixar movie Cars - in the Lead Line class - 'cause I was the best one! I am from Kansas and we drove here in two days. I got to stay up all night and watch movies. I watched E.T. My daddy bought me the Transformers movie for Christmas but I am not allowed to watch it 'cause its raded PG. It has the E word, the C word, and the D word init."

We asked him what the E word was but he said "I'm not allowed to tell you 'cause I can't say it."
(We later found out these letters stood for Ediot; CStupid; and Damitt). 

The youngster later accosted us at the concession. "Can I have some French Fries - I only want a couple. He gave many reasons as to why he was allowed fries when he was good. There clearly is a horse dealer in the making.

Some of the best parts of travelling to horse shows is the people we meet and the memories and friends that we make.

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